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To improve the quality of life for Alaska’s educators; support education for all ages; and continue to make a difference in our communities by providing leadership and service

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AKREA is pleased to share an insightful, timely article written by a longtime, well respected Alaskan! A hopeful look into the new administration.

Walker Mallott Article

NEW Winners!!!  

2015 Opportunity Grant

A committee of Kenai area retired teachers recently selected the 2015 AKREA classroom Opportunity Grants . Sixteen applications from teachers all over the state were received. The awards, in no special order, are:

To Caputnguaq School, Cherfognak in Lower Kuskokwim District for an Indoor Garden. Stefanie Sprenkle says,” I believe an indoor garden will give the students something to care for, work for and be rewarded with…I think it is truly important for students to learn where their food comes from and how it is grown.”

To Delta Greely School, Big Delta,  Delta Greely District, for ESL books to help the Puerto Rican students, the children of military personnel recently stationed at Fort Greely. Tiki Levinson explained.”This increases their capability in both class and socially. The other students will no longer be unable to communicate with them and so they become more interwoven into…the school and the community.”

To Northwood Elementary in the Anchorage District for a school wide display of a salmon life cycle, Kelsey Deiman said “Salmon are a great tool for teaching life cycles and relating it to the many Alaskan cultures that rely on salmon as their livelihood.”

To Campbell Elementary, Anchorage District for graphic novels. Holly Rinehart stated. "I …have a high percentage of struggling and reluctant readers in my class….Whenever my students have an opportunity to read they go immediately to graphic novels. [They] act as a magnet to the students in my class.”

To Haines School Library Services, Haines Borough School District for people puppets. Leigh Horner wrote. ”The…Library Program has been using animal puppets to tell stories written by students throughout the school. [People puppets] will allow the students to write and perform plays more specific to normal life.”


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